I absolutely love vision boards - I think it's the combination between visualisation and planning that really does it for me. The first proper vision board I ever created was for the house I live in now - at the time myself and my partner Dave wanted a tiny home. Something compact, centrally located and we got exactly that! After sharing my vision board techniques through numerous workshops and with close friends I started to see the results of the manifestation in action (I even manifested the relationship I’m in) People started achieving what they actually set out too! So I am going to share with you 7 simple steps I like to follow every time I do a vision board. 

Step 1: Dream

My favourite part of the process, think of a topic you want to visualise or an area. It could be anything from finance, relationships, work or just an overview of what you’d like to happen this year. Try and think of a specific time frame and topic before you meditate as this helps the manifestation energy a lot more. E.G. I want to manifest my dream home that I'll be moving to in two months time. Put on a meditation, close your eyes and give yourself 10 - 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and really let yourself dream. I recommend listening to some Binary Beats on Youtube for positive energy. See yourself conquering your dreams - there is no limit to this part! You can be the best version of you. Ask yourself ‘What is the best that can happen” and just dream. Set an alarm on your phone, take a deep breath in for 5, hold for 5 and out for 5 - do this 3 times and keep your breathing calm as you visualise. If you feel a block coming up or a negative voice in your head just go back to your breath. Let your imagination run wild for this part. 

Step 2: Journal

Now that you’ve allowed yourself to dream the biggest you can while it’s still fresh in your mind the next step is to write down everything that came up for you. You can do this freehand if you’d like or take a look at some key questions to ask and answer from below. I’d recommend spending 10 - 20 minutes on this part. 

Possible Questions: 

Where would I like to be by_

What would life be like if _ happened?

What is the next impossible thing that I want to achieve?

What’s the best that could happen?

Argue the doubts:

What is going on with me currently?

What could hold me back? 

Why is it that I think I can’t achieve what I want? 

Step 3: Visualise

Now that you’ve argued the doubts and imagined your best life it’s time to put it on a page! 

The best way to do a vision board is to be as clear as possible so if its about finding a home, make sure you put down dates you want to move in, areas you’re looking at, budget for the place, how big it is. The more detailed you are the easier it is for the universe to really manifest your desires. Always question: What, Where, How and Why as you're creating it. Then it's time to make the thing! There are two ways of doing this:

Traditional Vision board: 

Create it old school by cutting and sticking down scraps of paper, images from magazine, photographs and drawings/ text. This is a lovely way to do it if you find you get stuck trying to do it on the computer. It helps you connect a lot more to what you're visualising too as you can put an intention behind each of the images. 

Digital Vision Board

Canva is a really great free tool for making a digital vision board and is my preference because there is no limit to the imagery you can use for it! So you don’t get lost with the online way of doing things. I'd recommend splitting the board into imagery and text - canva has pre-made boards also which make it very simple to just edit photos and text already in place.

Step 4: Print

Now that your vision board is created its time to take action, your first task? Print it out! You want your vision board to be the first thing you see in the morning to get you really excited about everything you're going to get. When you look at it in the morning I want you to close your eyes and really feel yourself in that environment, doing that thing. Just 5 minutes in the morning and night will manifest it quicker than you ever imagined. Put it as your screensaver on your desktop and your phone so you're reminded of it during the day. 

Step 5: Steps, Rewards, Goals

Now another vital part of the steps: Take Action! Now that you’ve visualised you doing this dream life what action are you willing to take to get there? You can’t publish a book if you don’t write or become a famous painter if you don’t paint. A big reason why people don’t end up manifesting their dream board is because they don’t take the action steps. Lets get realistic and break things down - I love this technique that Susan Hayes mentions in her book “The Savvy Woman’s Guide To Financial Freedom”

Break Your goals into SMARTER Steps:

Specific - Articulate how much you want this goal

Measurable - How long will it take you to get there?

Attainable - Is it reachable or do you have to re-assess and simplify to even smaller steps?

Realistic - Do you really believe you can achieve it?

Timely - How long do you need to achieve this goal?

Extending - Will you need to give yourself more time than you realised initially?

Rewarding - Have a reward in place for the tiny and huge milestones

Step 6: Ask For A Sign, Pray Then Release

Bringing in the spiritual element as Gabrielle Bernstein recommends in her book “The universe has your back” ask for a sign that you will achieve what you want. It can be something big or small but make sure its unique to you and something out of the ordinary for your life so when you see if you really believe it. Another thing I also really love to do is to incorporate a daily affirmation to my angels and guides (or god / universe) and ask for help in achieving this goal. It can be as small as 4 lines; it's just more a daily intention into getting what you want.

Now the hardest part, trusting you will get it and letting go. Now I struggle with this too because when you really want something so bad it can seem impossible to let go and let it be. My tip? Distractions and time limits to manifest. I like to keep my mind occupied with other things that I know will keep me busy and because I've already done my daily affirmations and asked for my sign I understand now my only task is to let it happen. 

Step 7: Be willing for compromise and change to two things - not fully believing you can get it and not taking the action to get it. The universe and your guides will always give you what you're in alignment to receive so if you haven't received what you want always remember there is a reason. Give yourself some time to process and then when you are ready do the process all over again - you got this! 

Recommended Reads:  

For Planning & Action: 

The Quarter-Life Breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky 

The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Susan Hayes

For asking for signs, meditation and affirmations:

The Universe has Your back by Gabrielle Bernstein