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© 2019 by Inner Wild Fire. Proudly created by Laura Seed

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about me

About me

Founded in 2019, Inner Wild Fire is a Dublin based business that combines alternative art events, graphic design and a range of hand painted shop items by entrepreneur Laura Seed. 


Inner Wild Fire aims to help people overcome their creative blocks - either by creating design pieces that make people question the status quo or by running art events were people leave with wear-able or usable art. The brand’s unique style is inspired by mandala dot artwork and bright bold aztec patterns. The art events are run in both non alcoholic settings and stylish bars located in Dublin & Kildare. People leave with something different to the usual canvas dynamic such as a 12" vinyl, ukelele or journal. 


As well as events, the online store and design services, I love to collaborate on non-traditional artwork or workshops with other artists and creatives. I aim to break the mold in Dublin City and bring some colour to the grey Dublin skies. 



Can I help you find your Inner Wild Fire?

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