Custom Queen of Wands Hand Painted One Of A Kind Denim Jacket

Custom Queen of Wands Hand Painted One Of A Kind Denim Jacket

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Custom Order For Queen of Wands Hand Painted One of a Kind Denim Jacket

What do you get?
A one of a kind custom star sign hand painted denim jacket including a personalised name, imagery, colours or style depending on your needs. Originally created using Arteza, Posca and Magic Fly fabric paint and fabric markers. The jacket is sourced by me new at a vintage local shop. 

    Purchasing the Jacket

    • The jacket is bought from a vintage store New and then I get to work! If you have any other requests with jacket type I will ask in the questionnaire

    Time to Process

    • It will take 1 week to paint. 

    Care Instructions: 

    • Jacket is Heat processed and machine wash safe
    • Turn denim inside out before washing. This eliminates any potential friction caused by the fabric rubbing against the painted surface. 
    • Machine wash on gentle load with jacket inside out.
    • Air dry with jacket still inside out


    Autographed card/note for me from you which includes my name, date and place

    Only one of these jackets will be created so it is completely unique to you!



    Payment 1: 50% deposit paid prior to job beginning

    Payment 2: 50% deposit paid when jacket is fully painted prior to posting