Woman of The Future | A4 & A3 Size

Woman of The Future | A4 & A3 Size


About the Painting 

Woman of The Future is a very personal painting that was inspired by The Black Lives Matter movement and the current transformation of the planet through the gloabl pandemic. The swords around her head represent the pain she has to go through to move to the next level. The gold represents the beauty that comes out of going through such pain and the importance of such a time. The moon represents the planet and how using her voice and her experience will help many other woman feel safe to use there own voice. 


Materials: Acrylic paint, watercolour pencils, paint markers, nail polish



A4 size: €25

A3 size: €35


Original Painting photographed then printed on Giclée art paper

No border Please get in touch if you'd like a border included


Price Includes Free Shipping Within Ireland



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