Cat Under The Moon Hand-Painted Bronze Bezel Earrings

Cat Under The Moon Hand-Painted Bronze Bezel Earrings

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Hand-painted earrings made out of acrylic paint, nailpolish and posca markers then lacquered with a clear varnish to hold the paint in place. The pendant is made from high quality alloy which is lead-nickel free, lightweight, durable and tarnish resistant.


Size: 25mm x 25mm Brass Bezel Pendant Tray

Materials: Solid Brass fish earring hook

Details: Hypoallergenic copper ear-wire fish hook earrings with brass bezel pendant tray


About the Collection


The Adam Collection is inspired by the Adam's family with a slight spiritual edge. I wanted to do a collection inspired by halloween and all things spooky so chose to do a group of hand-painted necklaces and earrings to celebrate the new season.


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